IELTS Program

Our IELTS Exam Prep Program Includes:

Teaching of test practice strategies and skills for all areas of the IELTS exam. It is comprehensive, and academically rigorous. The IELTS program intensively prepares students equally for the reading, writing, listening, speaking components of the test, and introduces students to effective tips, tricks, and test-taking strategies for test success.

Most importantly you have over 1,500+ exercises and 25 practice Mock tests. Mock Exams taken under exam conditions help students gain confidence for the actual exam day. Our online program with a native English-speaking, experienced, teacher helps you better prepare for university entrance and studies.

This program also covers sub-skills such as academic vocabulary building, academic style, and study skills, skimming, scanning, note taking, pronunciation, paraphrasing and so on.

A highly qualified and experienced IELTS examiner is present for duration of program on campus and online.

Program Outline

Class hours per day: 5

Classes are on: Monday – Thursday

Assessments per week: 2

Midweek Assessment: Tuesday

End of Week Assessment: Thursday

3 Levels: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

The IELTS Program is for students from Intermediate to Advanced levels. It focuses on academic skills, with the goal of preparing students to successfully sit the IELTS test. The program is both engaging and interactive, incorporating different exciting & interesting topics, and immersive activities designed to develop, practice and improve your speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing skills.

Program Schedule

The program timetable has classes scheduled for 20 hours per week. You are expected to take additional hours outside of in-class contact hours to complete homework and practice your English skills.


Every week, you will study a new unit, which will be on a different topic. During each week, you will have 2 assessments. One short assessment in the middle of the week, and one long assessment at the end of the week.

You will be given a result for your assessments, with feedback regarding areas you should aim to improve.

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