"You can give all your problems to the staff of WLHS and they will take care of you and make sure you succeed in studies, university application and help you to take care of all the issues."                                                                                        Miko from China

"We have small groups, so we have more teacher time. Teachers make sure that we are given psychological, emotional and academic help. We are also helped to integrate into the Canadian culture."                                                                       Tina from Taiwan

"I made it to University of Toronto, Business program because of an excellent teaching methods offered by WLHS. Teachers at WLHS are the best."                  Sile from China

"I received 7.5 in IELTS in two months. It was an intensive program but my teachers are well trained and we have an examiner on the campus."                     Ibtihal from Libya

"At WLHS, you are cared closely so you receive really good results. You are obligated to speak in English and this helps improve your English. Their Study Tour Programs are very focused and enjoyable."                                                           Priscilla from Canada

"I have been studying in WLHS for the past two months and I am able to talk to all my friends and teachers."                                                                Sophia from China



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