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+1 (416) 219 4748

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    Administration Tel #: 1 (416) 219 4748

    Teaching & Careers at WLEC

    Join our esteemed teaching faculty at World Life Education Centre & High School!

    We welcome experienced and qualified professionals with undergrad/postgraduate degrees in various areas of specialization plus teaching certifications or diplomas, to apply for positions as subject specialist teaching faculty. Preferred candidates will hold an Ontario teaching certification and possess prior experience in teaching High School credit courses, offering tutorial support, and/or teaching of specialized language programs such as ESL and IELTS. If you are passionate about education and dedicated to fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment, we invite you to be part of our committed and passionate team of educators. We are looking for team players, with excellent communication skills, open to learning, adapting teaching strategies, and planning lessons according to our student’s varied and unique learning styles. The ability to collaborate and work with colleagues, parents, and students effectively, to ensure optimal learning and successful academic outcomes is essential.

    Explore the opportunity to inspire and shape future generations at World Life High School!

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      Volunteering Opportunities at WLEC

      These volunteering opportunities not only benefit our students, both on campus and in the wider community-but also provide students, as well as adults, with valuable experiences, skills, and personal growth opportunities. Our student or adult volunteers are known to embrace a mindset of service, gratitude, and responsibility, which resonates and fosters a school culture of support, inclusivity, and positivity.

      Volunteer Opportunities that we are proud to provide at WLEC :

      1. Fundraising for the less fortunate: Organizing and participating in fundraising events or campaigns to support charities, nonprofits, or community organizations that serve marginalized or disadvantaged populations.
      2. Humanitarian leadership: Taking on leadership roles in service-oriented clubs or organizations such as The Voice Gavel Club, focused on addressing humanitarian issues locally or globally, such as organizing volunteer projects and public awareness campaigns.
      3. Youth serving Youth: Mentoring or tutoring younger students in academic subjects, extracurricular activities, or personal development initiatives aimed at empowering and supporting their peers. Taking initiative and fund-raising for peers on the other side of the fence who may not be as fortunate as ourselves.
      4. Administrative roles on campus: Assisting school staff with administrative tasks, such as working in the front office, helping with event planning and coordination, or providing support online, in the library or resource center. These roles can help students develop language skills, organizational abilities, media-related and customer service skills.
      5. Community outreach and engagement: Collaborating with local organizations, businesses, or government agencies to address community needs, foster civic engagement, and strengthen ties between the our school and the surrounding community. Providing a platform for esteemed guests, speakers, and organizing events such as ‘Humanity Day’ to spread awareness of and promote universal values such as compassion, peace, and celebrate our shared aspirations for ourselves and our neighbors.
      6. Peer support and counseling: Serving as peer counselors or mentors to provide emotional support, guidance, and resources to fellow students facing academic, personal, or cultural/social challenges.
      7. Cultural exchange and diversity initiatives: Participating in multicultural events, diversity workshops, retreats, or exchange programs aimed at fostering understanding, appreciation, and inclusivity among students from diverse backgrounds.