Public Speaking Course

All Age Groups from 8 plus and All Levels


Basic Course Overview

  • Levels 1-4 –  45 hours each

  • Levels 5-8 –  60 hours each

  • Levels 9-10 – 40 hours each

This class is a practical course designed to offer the novice speaker a number of opportunities to organize and prepare public speaking assignments. 


The course will also offer a “laboratory setting” where the beginning speaker can actually stand in front of a live audience and present his/her practiced performance. 


In addition to public speaking, further performance opportunities may be included in the area of public oral reading. 


Students will learn about the role of communication in our lives, the communication model, spatial relationships, delivery styles, and the effectiveness of language, gestures, and organization techniques. 


You will have reading assignments from your “unit packet” reading materials to practice intonation.



Major Units of Study

Although classroom notes will be kept to a minimum, it is necessary to present notes on six major units of study. Notes are designed to provide students with the background necessary to successfully prepare and deliver speeches. The major units of study will be:


  • Developing the Speech (topic selection, audience analysis, steps to preparing a speech.)

  • Supporting the Speech (research, source analysis, types of supporting material.)

  • Building the Speech (introductions, conclusions, patterns of organization.)

  • Writing the Speech (word and vocabulary choice, effective use of language.)

  • Delivering the Speech (verbal and nonverbal delivery, using visuals, PowerPoint, using the podium.)

  • Critiquing the Speech (critiquing others, self-evaluation, steps for improvement.)


Speaking Assignments:

1)     Speech of Self-Introduction

2)     Demonstration Speech

3)     Informative Speech with PowerPoint

4)     Sales Talk

5)     Public Oral Reading

6)     Short interviews

7)     Table topics

8)     Persuasive speech

9)     Humorous Speech

10)   Debate



Evaluate Criteria:

Students’ assignments are evaluated on the following grading scale:

A   100-90%

B    80-89%

C    70-79%

D   60-69%

F   59% and below



Executive Speaking Program

Learning Outcomes


As you accelerate your communication skills, you equip yourself to lead with strength and passion- you become a powerful leader who knows how to:


Educate, Influence and Inspire.


By the end of the Executive Speaking Program you will be able to:

  • Accelerate your speaking delivery skills - physical presence, vocal resonance, and distinctive language - to help you perform in a manner consistent with your company culture and career goals.

  • Learn to use a content structure to keep you focused and on-track.

  • Adopt strategies that will help you exude a  professional image and enhance your personal style.

  • Master powerful techniques to understand the mindset of your audience, your customers, and your executive team, thus increasing the quality of your communications with listener-focused conversations.

  • Raise the bar and model a high standard for superior presentations for your audience in the workforce.