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Au Pair Program

Au Pairs in Canada

Do you want to travel and explore whilst working? Do you have experience working with Children? Why don't you become an Au Pair? Becoming an au pair in Canada is a great way to gain international experience and live abroad. To become an au pair in Canada, you need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa or Student Work Program. Commonwealth countries citizens may qualify for the Working Holiday Visa or Student Work Program. You must have experience in childcare and be willing to live with a host family. After two years of employment, you may apply for permanent residency. During your stay as an au pair, you are expected to take care of children and other related duties while experiencing Canadian culture. Becoming an au pair in Canada can be a great way to experience a new culture and learn more about the language and culture of the country.

The working hours of an Au Pair should be discussed and agreed upon with the supposed host family. It is important to remember that the Au Pair is an employee rather than a guest and their needs should be respected. This will provide support for both the family, who will be getting help with childcare, and the Au Pair as they start to settle into life in Canada. The duties of an au pair are to take care of children, but this can vary from one family to another. Working hours are expected to be between 30-45 hours per week depending on the needs and demands of the parents. It is expected that au pairs should be willing to work flexible or rotating schedules, including night and weekend hours. 

Here at World Life Education Centre, we are giving Au Pairs the opportunity to Study English with us whilst they are here in Canada. In our English course, we will assist you with Speaking and Writing in English during your time here in Canada to give you the chance to reside here permanently with a full understanding of English Language. Students will have to attend class once a week to pass this course. You can come in person and have classes online. 

Here are some requirements needed to be able to become an Au Pair in Canada depending on the Au Pairs Origin: 

  • 18 - 30 Years Old 

  • Basic knowledge of English or French 

  • Entitled to a Visa

  • You can cover your Travel expenses and have at least $2500 CAD

  • You've never applied for a Working Holiday Visa in Canada before

  • Be unmarried and have no kids

How we can help?

Step 1: Find the right Au Pair Program for you and the right Host Family to Live with. 

Step 4: Move in with your Host Family. Settle down and start your routine.

Step 2: Once you have joined an Au Pair Program and found a host family, you can register with us through our website on our Appointment Request Page (Click Link)

Step 5: 

Step 3: Book an Appointment with our School and we can plan around your schedule once you arrive.

Step 6: Pack your bags and get on that Flight!


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