Intense Immersion, In And Out Of The Classroom

Students participate in an elective workshop, such as Pronunciation, Grammar Essentials, Social Conversation, Book Club and Idioms and Expressions. These small-group workshops focus strongly on individual practice.

One morning or afternoon each week is dedicated to a field trip to apply language skills to a specific situation, to become familiar with Canadian culture and explore the natural environment.

Student learning online (shorter classes but similar curriculum) can plan a visit to Canada for study tour for two weeks- visitor’s visa and stay can be arranged.

Students have 24/7 access to web-based language learning software.

Exit from each level requires the exit card of 75% achievement in their current level.

Small groups or one on one classes.

8 Levels of English Skills Development

This is an intensive academic English language Bridge program with 25 hours of classes weekly.

Levels 1 – 6 emphasize reading comprehension, effective writing, speaking and listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills

Level 7 – 8 add a focus on specific academic writing, such as reports, proposals, presentations, bibliographies and references.

Terms of Levels

Level 1 Foundations
Level 2 Pre-Intermediate
Level 3 Intermediate
Level 4 Advanced
Level 5 English for Academic Purposes

Placement Test

Students who do not meet the minimum language requirement for a program at WLEC LBP Program will complete an assessment and speak with the Program Director to be placed in one of ESL levels.

Pathway Opportunities

Level 8 students who can articulate directly can enter into a 4 week IELTS program for IELTS 7 pass. They will receive free university consultation, guided through the application process until they receive the offer in their respective Major.

English for Academic Purposes

The program’s highest level, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), helps to prepare you to function in an English-speaking college or university environment. At the EAP level, you will take one General Education course of your choice for credit in your postsecondary program along with an introductory “Navigating Digital Environments” course.

Examples of what you will learn to do at the EAP level:

  • Demonstrate critical comprehension of an extended oral presentation, lecture or documentary.
  • Make contributions to discussions or co-facilitated debates in small groups.
  • Interpret key information in complex formatted texts such as tables, graphs, diagrams and website navigation menus.
  • Write an expository essay.

In-person and virtual program options:

You can choose to take the ESL program online (through virtual/remote learning) or in-person.

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ESL Resources

Easy Readers


Academic Vocabulary

Grammar Practice Worksheets

Everyday Conversation


Holidays and Events

Writing Right

Word Bank

Discussion Starters

Mini Debates

Strong Connection to the Community

The ESL Bridge Program is closely connected to the local community through field trips and experiential learning. Students connect with the natural environment through rock climbing, skiing skating, nature walks, and visits to regional parks and forests. Cultural activities include guided visits to art galleries, museums, lectures, theatre performances, and historic sites.

Exceptional Faculty

The ESL Bridge Program faculty and tutors are all ESL certified and highly experienced. Our teachers and tutors have earned Master’s degrees in language education, are licensed ESL teachers, have published ESL materials, trained other ESL teachers, and all have enjoyed working with students in Canada and across the world. English language education is our passion!

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