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The transformative power of online education is also what unlocks your potential. Yet, access to high-quality education has been a privilege of the few. Back in 2018, we realized it was a time for a shift in learning. From “for some” to “for all.” By opening the classroom through online learning, WLEC has opened the doors to learners all around the globe. TalentLMS is an online learning software that combines learning, growth skills and capabilities into a personalized experience for all students. It has features that can help you achieve your grades by choosing the options that works best based on your time and availability. WLEC’s virtual platform can offer Ontario High School Diploma (OSSD) to the students around the world. Please register and contact us for more details.

World Life Virtual/Online High School

Whatever your reasons for pursuing an ONLINE education – whether due to your: location, convenience, or other commitments, you can trust the World Life Education Centre & High School to provide you with a WORLD-CLASS VIRTUAL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE second to none, available year-round, to students around the globe!

Introducing TalentLMS

Our Fully Customizable Online Learning Management


It is time to acknowledge that the transformative power of online education can unlock your potential, and a world of potential opportunities. Yet access to high-quality online education has been a privilege accessible only to a few. Back in 2018, at World Life High School we realized it was time for a shift in learning: From “for some”, to “for all.” By opening up the classroom through the addition of quality online learning options, Educators at WLEC opened our doors to welcome learners from all around the globe.

TalentLMS is an online Learning Management System we successfully utilize for this purpose, consisting of software that combines: learning, growth skills, and capabilities, into a personalized educational experience for all World Life High School students, both worldwide and within Canada. It has features that help our students achieve the highest grades by a process of selecting options that work best for you, based on your time zone, and availability for classes.

Most importantly, this virtual learning platform TalentLMS, enables us at World Life High School to offer the complete Ontario High School Diploma (OSSD) Program ONLINE to students all around the world.

What are the advantages of using this learning management platform?

User-Friendly Interface
TalentLMS offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both our educators and their students to navigate. This simplicity ensures a smooth virtual learning experience for our high school users.

Adaptability to Various Learning Styles
The platform accommodates diverse learning styles with features such as multimedia content support, interactive
assessments, and options for self-paced learning, incorporating text, video and audio, which caters to the varied needs of our high school students.

TalentLMS is scalable to accommodate the changing needs of both virtual and in-person high school environments, such as ours at WLEC. Whether it’s for an individual, or larger class, the platform provides flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of growing educational settings.

Comprehensive Course Management
Teachers at World Life High School can easily manage and organize virtual high school courses, workshops and educational programs. TalentLMS allows for the creation of: structured content, lesson planning, and efficient monitoring of students’ progress, ensuring a well-organized and effective learning environment.

Interactive Learning Features
The platform supports interactive learning through discussion forums, live chats, and collaborative tools. This fosters student engagement and facilitates virtual interactions among our high school students wherever they may be located, creating a dynamic, ‘live’ online classroom experience.

Assessment and Analytics Tools
TalentLMS provides our teachers at WLEC with robust assessment tools, including quizzes, tests, and assignments. The analytics feature allows our educators to track student performance, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance the virtual learning experience.

Mobile Compatibility
With mobile compatibility, TalentLMS enables our high school students to access learning materials and participate in virtual classes from various devices. This flexibility supports a seamless learning experience for our high schoolers, beyond traditional desktop environments.

Security and Compliance
TalentLMS prioritizes the security and privacy of each student enrolled in all of our virtual High School or other programs. It ensures: data privacy, secure access, and compliance with industry standards, providing a safe online space for both our teaching faculty and students.

Continuous Updates and Support
TalentLMS provides regular updates and support, ensuring that the learning platform remains current with the latest educational
technologies, and responsive to the evolving needs of virtual high school environments such as ours at World Life High School, as our student body grows, both on-campus, locally within Canada, and internationally.

In summary, TalentLMS offers a range of advantages for High Schools such as ours, whether our educators are working with students in-person, or virtually online, including the incorporation of: user-friendly features: adaptability, scalability, comprehensive course management, interactive learning tools, robust assessments, mobile compatibility, security, plus continuous updates and ongoing support. Just one more reason you have to experience our VIRTUAL ONLINE HIGH SCHOOL and benefit from a great Canadian Ontario Education – wherever in the world you may be.

What are the next steps?

So, you want to commence your VIRTUAL HIGH SCHOOL journey with the World Life Education Centre & High School?

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