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Experience a Great Canadian (Ontario-Curriculum) Education!

Who We Are

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What is the World Life Education Centre & High School?

World Life Education Centre & High School is a privately funded educational institution licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education BSID #665040 to offerthe Ontario High School Diploma Program both virtually and on-campus. We provide various other Educational Programs such as ESL, IELTS, SATs, SSATs, and other specialized courses too. Both virtual (globally), and in-person learning experiences are available at our campus in Oakville, Ontario.

How long have we been in operation?

WLEC was originally established over 13 years ago in Markham, Ontario. Since then, we have relocated to Oakville, Ontario, where we continue to provide quality education and enrichment opportunities to our students.

Who oversees the governance of the school?

The school is headed by a dedicated Board of Directors, overseen by our founder and Academic Director Ms. Lubna Zaidi. Ms. Zaidi brings extensive experience and expertise at both the High School and Tertiary level to her role, ensuring academic excellence and innovation at our school. Our Board members
are responsible for various aspects of the daily running of the organization and having been involved in educational activities throughout their careers, each Director bringing diverse expertise and perspectives to ensure effective governance and strategic direction for the school.

What makes World Life Education Centre & High School unique?

Our institution prides itself on offering a comprehensive and holistic educational experience that combines academic rigor with personalized support and enrichment opportunities. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we strive to empower students to reach their full potential and succeed in an ever-changing world.

What We Do

Programs and Offerings

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What type of Teaching and Learning Opportunities do we provide?

POWERFUL teaching strategies resulting in GREAT Learning opportunities for our students. All students are motivated to become independent learners, and encouraged to connect, explore, discover, and create. Learning is relevant to real world contexts, as our students realize, and begin to understand how to make an impact, collectively and individually, in our local and global communities. Our teachers unlock each student’s potential as they understand their individual learning styles, and then identify what motivates them to succeed and make optimal progress, customizing instruction and lessons to meet these unique requirements.

How do we encourage students to grow, achieve, and excel?

Students reach their full intellectual, physical, emotional and social potential in a safe and supportive environment. Our teachers personalize learning by understanding each student as an individual, providing targeted learning experiences that ensure each student is valued, supported, and challenged.

Our One on One or Small Group teaching platform ensures that our teachers know both our students strengths and challenges. We cater to each student’s unique needs, and learning styles, ensuring they meet their optimal academic potential.

How do we support you when enrolling in one of our many extensive programs at WLEC?

There are several entry points to Education at World Life Education Centre & High School. We work with students and families to ensure a smooth transition to our school, academically, socially and emotionally:

a. Well-Being Support
b. Parents Partnership
c. Teacher Conferences

Why We Do It

Values and Philosophy

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Does World Life Education Centre & High School follow a RECOGNIZED & REPUTED Curriculum which fosters and inspires excellence in Education?

Yes we do! Our students engage with a future-focused Ontario High School Curriculum studying towards attaining an OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). All students are provided with diverse co-curricular opportunities that nurture independent learning, student voice, and leadership.

Where are our students located?

Our students are located both within Canada, and worldwide. We offer students the opportunity to develop as GLOBAL CITIZENS, who make their mark on the world.

In addition, our students are encouraged to establish a lifetime legacy of commitment to uplifting their communities, and upholding essential universal morals and values, while demonstrating integrity and honesty in their everyday lives.

We provide quality Education to both International and local students from around the world and within Canada at our Campus located in Oakville, Ontario. Our virtually-run ONLINE CANADIAN HIGH-SCHOOL DIPLOMA Program (Ontario Curriculum) offers a widely-trusted Canadian Education to our remote students enrolled with us around the globe, through our dedicated, virtual, customized online education system and learning platform.

Why are we known as ‘A Small Campus with a BIG Heart'?

The personalized and peaceful environment cultivated within our moderate sized campus, means that every student has the opportunity to stand out, explore their passions, and lead, or contribute, as a focused team player. Our priority is to know and understand each student as a learner. At WLEC our goal is always to identify and build on each student’s personal strengths and passions.

What QUALITIES is our HOLISTIC APPROACH to Education founded upon?

To practice kindness towards oneself and others.

To connect with others with integrity and respect.

To discover and celebrate your sense of self.

To participate actively in one’s Learning and Life.

To utilize your own strengths and nurture those of others.

Each PILLAR is explored in depth, and woven throughout dedicated WELLBEING SESSIONS.

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