Conversation and Phonology Classes

“Meet, Greet, & Speak”
English Conversation Classes

ENHANCE your fluency of speech, EXTEND your vocabulary and
GROW your confidence in listening, understanding, and speaking ENGLISH!

A unique course designed by our highly-experienced Native-English speaking ESL teaching faculty exclusively for ESL/Second-language English learners.

This dynamic course focuses on elevating your English language skills for confident and fluent communication in both professional and personal contexts. Through a blend of engaging online and interactive in-person sessions, you’ll develop not only strong speaking skills but also expand your vocabulary and boost listening and comprehension confidence. Our courses can be customized for groups to suit students’ particular learning needs and requirements.

Course Duration

Total Duration: 12 weeks
Frequency: Two 90-minute sessions per week (1 online and 1 in-person)

Class Duration/Timings/Days are fully CUSTOMIZABLE with flexible scheduling according to Students for Group enrollments.

Course Components

  1. Weeks 1-2:
    • Kick-off and Language Assessment
    • Introduction to the course structure, goals, and expectations.
    • Language assessment to identify individual speaking, listening, and vocabulary strengths and areas for improvement.
  2. Weeks 3-4:
    • Vocabulary Expansion and Expressive Speaking
    • Daily vocabulary challenges and exercises.
    • Expressive speaking activities focusing on articulation and pronunciation.
  3. Weeks 5-6:
    • Active Listening Strategies
    • Listening comprehension exercises with various accents.
    • Strategies to improve listening skills, including note-taking.
  4. Weeks 7-8:
    • Real-life Conversations in Professional Settings
    • Role-playing professional scenarios (interviews, meetings).
    • Vocabulary specific to professional contexts.
  5. Weeks 9-10:
    • Everyday Conversations and Idiomatic Expressions
    • Daily life vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.
    • Group discussions on daily topics.
  6. Weeks 11-12:
    • Advanced Fluency Challenges and Feedback
    • Fluent speaking challenges.
    • Peer and instructor feedback on fluency, vocabulary usage, and listening skills.


  • Continuous assessment through active participation, vocabulary quizzes, and speaking assessments.
  • Final project: A recorded conversational presentation showcasing improved fluency and vocabulary.


  • Online vocabulary-building tools and exercises.
  • Audio resources for listening practice.
  • Interactive speaking platforms for virtual discussions and activities.


  • Improved fluency in speaking English.
  • Expanded vocabulary for various contexts.
  • Increased confidence in listening and understanding diverse accents.
  • Real-life application through role-playing and discussions.

This easily-customizable course structure places a stronger emphasis on vocabulary expansion, listening skills, and fluency in speaking, creating a well-rounded learning experience for ALL LEVELS of ESL/Second Language English learners.

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