SRA Reading Program

What does SRA stand for, and what is this Reading Program all about?

One of the most popular and successful products of the Science Research Associates or SRA, a company renowned for producing Educational Materials of the highest standard and particularly Reading and Comprehension Programs, is the SRA Reading Laboratory. This is a program designed to help students develop their reading skills through leveled reading passages and accompanying questions. These SRA programs are tried, tested, and proven to work, being widely used in schools such as ours, to support differentiated instruction and individualized learning in reading and other subjects.

Why should parents enroll their child in our SRA reading program at World Life Education Centre & High School?

  1. Individualized Learning & Instruction
    Our SRA Reading Program is designed to meet each child’s unique reading level. By providing materials that match their specific abilities, we ensure that students progress at their own pace, leading to better comprehension and retention.
  2. Proven Success
    The SRA Reading Program has a long history of success in improving students’ reading skills. It has been used for decades in classrooms around the world, helping countless students achieve higher levels of reading proficiency and academic success.
  3. Comprehensive Skill Development
    The program focuses on developing a range of essential reading skills, including comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and critical thinking. This comprehensive approach ensures that students build a strong foundation for all their future learning.
  4. Engaging and Motivating
    The variety of reading materials and interactive components keeps students engaged and motivated. By offering interesting and diverse reading passages, we make learning enjoyable and stimulating for every child.
  5. Continuous Assessment and Feedback
    Our teachers provide continuous assessment and feedback, helping to identify areas where students may need additional support. This ensures that each child receives the guidance they need to succeed and make steady progress.
  6. Experienced Educators
    Our staff consists of experienced and dedicated educators who are committed to fostering a love of reading and learning. They are trained to deliver the SRA Reading Program effectively and to provide personalized support to each student.
  7. Support for Diverse Learners
    Whether your child is an ESL student, a homeschooled learner, or simply looking to improve their reading skills, our program is tailored to meet diverse learning needs. We provide a supportive and inclusive environment where every child can thrive.
  8. Strong Academic Foundation
    Enrolling your child in our SRA Reading Program will help them develop the critical reading skills necessary for academic success. A strong foundation in reading is essential for excelling in all subjects and for lifelong learning.

Which Grades is the SRA Reading Program suitable for?

Elementary Grades (Grades 3 to 5)

At this stage, the program helps students develop more advanced reading skills, including vocabulary building, reading fluency, and comprehension strategies.

Middle School (Grades 6 to 8)

The materials for these grades are designed to enhance students’ analytical and critical reading skills, with more complex texts and comprehension activities.

High School (Grades 9 to 12)

The high school program focuses on preparing students for college-level reading and comprehension, with emphasis on critical thinking, analysis, and interpretation of sophisticated texts.

The SRA Reading Laboratory is structured to allow students to progress at their own pace, making it suitable for a diverse range of reading levels within these age groups.

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Give your child a solid foundation in literacy, plus the gift of reading proficiency and academic confidence. Enroll them in our SRA Reading Program at World Life Education Centre & High School today and watch them flourish!

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