The Voice Gavel Club

What is The ‘Voice Gavel Club’?

The Voice Gavel Club, of District 86, Charter # 1699802, having been established on campus at the World Life Education Centre, originally in Markham Ontario almost two decades ago, is now most recently thriving and currently recruiting new members at our Oakville, Ontario campus. The Voice Gavel Club is affiliated with the renowned Toastmasters International organization, and aims to train youth between the ages of 14-18 in developing their public speaking and humanitarian leadership skills. We welcome new members under the age of 18, who are therefore not yet eligible to become regular members of Toastmasters International (membership being open to adults 18+ only).

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Key Features of The Voice Gavel Club

  1. Youth Serving Youth
    The Voice Gavel Club emphasizes a peer-to-peer support system where young members help, mentor, and support each other, and those in need both globally, and within their communities.. This model fosters a strong sense of community, and nurtures a spirit of mutual growth among our young participants.
  2. Public Speaking Training
    Members practice and improve their public speaking skills through structured speeches and impromptu speaking exercises and activities.
  3. Leadership Development
    Members take on various leadership roles within the club, helping to organize meetings, mentor new members, and manage club activities, projects, and events.
  4. Educational Program
    The club follows a curriculum similar to that of regular Toastmasters Clubs, which includes various speech projects and leadership projects.
  5. Supportive Environment
    The club provides a supportive and positive learning environment where members can gain confidence and feedback from both their peers, and highly experienced mentors who are long-standing and reputed Toastmasters themselves.

Volunteer Opportunities and Membership Benefits

Volunteer Hours
Members students can earn upwards of 100 volunteer hours annually. These hours are accumulated through participation in club-related projects, organizing and hosting events, and engaging in community service activities.

Improved Communication Skills
Members gain confidence in public speaking, which can be beneficial in both personal and professional settings later in their lives.

Leadership Experience
Taking on roles and implementing the same in a responsible manner within the club, helps members develop and refine their leadership abilities, with a focus on service, and a ‘Humanitarian’ Leadership approach to fulfilling our aims and objectives.

Networking Opportunities
Members can connect with like-minded individuals who are also focused on personal development and growth.

Regular practice and positive reinforcement from our Mentors and Peers through participation in a structured series of meeting, activities, and projects helps build our members self-confidence, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.

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