University Bridge Program

The WLEC University Bridge Program for students graduating from High School and heading to University, is designed to help them transition smoothly into the higher education environment. The main components of this program include:

  1. Study Skills Workshops
    Guidance on effective study habits, time management, note-taking, and other essential skills to help students excel in higher-level education, and to ensure that they are well-prepared for the rigor of university-level academic course work.
  2. Writing and Research Skills Training
    Assistance in developing strong writing and research skills, crucial for success in university-level assignments and projects.
  3. Orientation to University Resources
    Introduction to library resources, research databases, academic support services, and other university facilities to familiarize students with available resources.
  4. Career Counseling and Goal Setting
    Guidance on career exploration, goal setting, and creating a roadmap for academic and professional success.
  5. Personal Development Workshops
    Workshops focusing on personal development, resilience, stress management, and emotional intelligence to support students in adapting to the university environment.
  6. Technology and Online Learning Tools
    Familiarization with university-specific technologies, online platforms, and tools used for coursework and communication.

Our rigorous Development Bridge Program aims to address all academic, personal, and social aspects of the transition to university, providing comprehensive and extensive support for students entering this new phase of their education.

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